Join the Los Angeles Gastronauts

We started in NY and we've now expanded to Los Angeles. We'd love to have you join us as we trek from Thai Town to Garden Grove and from Artesia to East LA. We'll taste the weird items in small print at the bottom of the menu —stuff you'd never order alone. We'll arrange custom-made tasting menus of the rare and bizarre at local restaurants, secret spots, potluck dinners, and the occasional special event. If you're the type to try anything once, you could be a Gastronaut!

Because of the large response, we do have a waitlist — our little club has taken off so fast that we just don't have room to bring everyone along to dinner. But we're working on a solution.

So here's the deal:

Sign up for this mailing list and you'll be the first to hear about what the Gastronauts are up to. It's not quite a full membership with us — YET — but we'll get you into the club as soon as some space opens up.

Take a moment to tell us something about yourself. And you had better make it good. And funny. And have it be something clever. Oh, and we want to hear something embarrassing. Something you couldn't tell your mom or your brother or even your cousin. And it should be interesting. Of course, no pressure. It's not like everything depends on it. Nope. You see, we want to know who you are beyond that you like to eat (which is important, of course).

And you should like us and follow us on twitter . This way you can see even more of what we're up to and we can get to know you.



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