An Isaan Dinner at Krua Siri

April, 2011

Sawatdee Nauts!

As the great Jeffrey Steingarten once said, “People from California really are different: They eat avocado on everything.” Well, the man got half of it right. LA Gastronauts is finally here, and it’s time for the West Coast to throw down.

Tucked away in a dismal cluster of shops in Thai Town is a brilliant chef who labors in obscurity, cooking the fiery, funky foods of rural Northeastern Thailand. The English menu proffers fake Asian dishes like Orange Chicken and Spring Rolls (how do you saygringo in Thai?), but we’ve uncovered the secret, untranslated menu that holds untold Isaan delights.

Chef Sam has scoured the markets for us, searching for the delicacies he remembers from his boyhood. Dog and rice-paddy mouse will have to wait, but we have plenty of fabulous treats on the menu for our inaugural dinner – we’re initiating you with an alluring mix of bugs, organ meats and amphibious creatures. And prepare to sweat, because we’ve ordered it pet maak.



5103 Hollywood Blvd.
(at Normandie Avenue)
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 660-6196 
Sunday, April 10th, 7:00pm

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