A Dinner at Lamb and Jaffy

August, 2008


Dear GastroFriends,

We’ve travelled to every corner of New York looking for the unusual, the esoteric, the delicious. We’ve been to all the boroughs (well, the ones that count…) countless neighborhoods and many, many strange restaurants. But there is one territory we have as of yet left unexplored:

The far corners, the outer reaches, the perverse pockets of the mind of a chef.

What absurd appetizers, what eclectic entrees, what deliciously demented dinners lurk deep below their toques? And who better than the Gastronauts to find out?

So, friends, this month marks the beginning of a new kind of outing for us: One in which we challenge chefs to do their worst and best! Serve us the strange stuff they think of in odd moments, the things they would love to make, but just don’t have the clientele for. Go ahead. We can take it. This month, the folks at Lamb and Jaffy in Greenpoint have agreed to take us on. Chef Michael De Prima came up with the terrific menu below. Go ahead,


1073 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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