A Feast at Arzu

October, 2015

Shalom Nauts!

Ah, four years ago, when we had a phenomenal dinner at Arzu, this Bukharan Jewish place in Queens, and it was during another presidential election. Back then, there was this former CEO of a pizza company who was running for president and he unfortunately during an interview could not remember the name of a moderately significant, but tremendously delicious country, and so he simply referred to it as U-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.

How things have changed! We’re better now.

But, he can be forgiven, as can be others. He wasn’t the only candidate to get lost easily east of the Caucasus. Way back when, a Jewish tribal leader, Naphtali the Lost, he of one of the lost tribes, settled his people in Uzbekistan, but he was.. well… truth be told, he was actually aiming for Europe. Just really, really bad at maps. Really bad.

But, he and his tribe made the best of it… they made great, great food. And the best of it is right here, in Queens, at Arzu. And, we’re once again taking it over, and going’Uyiguring, as they say. Arzu is still phenomenal, the kebabs are amazing, and the flavors are as complicated as the Central Asian region. We seriously don’t know why you’re even still sitting down.


101-05 Queens Boulevard
Queens, NY