A Filipino Night in Queens

November, 2011

Kamusta Nauts,

This cold weather is making us pretty damn hungry… and cold. What’s worse, in this terrible economy, heating bills are brutal and that new winter jacket seems just a bit out of reach. But you know what’s cheap and delicious and looks ever so good on you? Pork fat. And what could be more warming than the crunch of some baby bird feathers….

Have you ever heard of anyone being cold in the Philippines? Consider this next big dinner a public service in these challenging times.

Seriously, though, if any of you remember our last meal at Engeline’s, under the train tracks of Roosevelt Blvd., you’ll recall that it was a wild affair. There were coolers full of frosty cans of San Miguel, glistening lightboxes with iridescent desserts, whole crackling roast pigs, crispy ruffle fats, raw eggs sizzling on hot plates, boys smeared in warpaint and peanut butter chanting “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood!” Or was that Lord of the Flies…?

Anyway, you all probably remember better than we do–we’re a little hazy on the details. But we’ve been craving some asado and Engeline’s ridiculously good mouth-watering léchon. As always, they’re closing down the place and doing a special menu just for us Gastros. So if you’re feeling chilly this November and haven’t yet had your autumnal helping of pork blood, pig’s heart, intestines, oxtail — and yes, balut — won’t you join us?

We promise to keep you warm all night long.


5828 Roosevelt Ave, 
Woodside, Queens

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