A Game Fest at Henry’s End

October, 2008

Hungry Gastronauts,

It’s finally fall and that means hunting season is upon us. Not that most of us know anything about that…other than it involves wearing orange vests and looking down the barrel of a rifle. What we do know is how to eat what others have dragged out of the woods, strapped to the hoods of their trucks, and driven to the nearest bar for a weig h-in. Rather than gnawing on a rabbit foot and washing it down with some Koo Lai, we’ve decided to go upscale. We’re having the chef at Henry’s End in Brooklyn Heights do a special game menu for us, with multiple courses and special wine pairings. Yeah, we know that at about $100 this one is more expensive, but that’s about how much the hunting licenses for our dinner cost. Plus the orange vests.

So, Gastronauts, get your game on! Hurry up and sign up now, as there are VERY limited spots. Be aware that we’ll hold you to your RSVP (yes, you can trade with others), since the chef is ordering stuff especially for us. Also, it’s Curtiss’ birthday, so bring your party face.


44 Henry Street 
between Catherine Street and Market Street 
Brooklyn Heights, NY

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