A Gastronaut Picnic in Prospect Park

August, 2007


Ciao Gastronauts,

It’s summer in the city!

This month, we’ve decided to plan something a little different from our usual outings. We invite you to join us for a special picnic in Prospect Park with candles, table cloth, and Offal. The park is beautiful and lush and the weather promises to hold.

To be sure, this is no ordinary picnic, we are Gastronauts, after all. So please hold the potato salad and the cole slaw — we will be ordering out for some Vastedda Sandwiches from Ferdinando’s in Brooklyn — delicious Sicilian Spleen Sandwiches — to go!

Furthermore, we’ll take advantage of the BBQ grills in the park and execute a few delectable recipes such as Beef Tongue with Salsa Verde, Anticuchos — Marinated Grilled Beef Heart Peruvian Style — and whatever else strikes our fancy. We’ve been reading Fergus Henderson’s “Nose to Tail” cookbook and will visit Prospect Park’s Green Market on Saturday for all kinds of “Nasty Bits.”

So, friends, this will indeed be a memorable and fun event — a BBQ, Gastronaut Style.


Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY

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