A Honey Bear of a Dinner

November, 2016


As we all learned yesterday, there are precious few things in this world we can rely on. As Heraclitus put it, “No man can cross the same river twice.” Or as we put it, “Nate Silver sucks at polling.” Things change.

But will there be a dinner this month, you ask? Does a bear crap in the woods? Is Trump’s favorite color gold? Of course there’ll be a Gastronauts dinner this month! And it will be awesome.

In fact, this month’s dinner is way better than your average bear. We’ve procured this month’s secret ingredient (hint: what sound does a bear make?) from the deepest and darkest woods of Vermont. It was gifted to us by a beekeeper who defended his hives against a large, destructive intruder, but not before the big guy had guzzled a few gallons of his prized honey. And to do justice to this fine beast of the wild, our chefs have been soaking, salting, cutting, chopping, seasoning, and braising our friend for the better part of the week. Just take a look at this damn menu…

There’s no other way to put it: it’s been a rough week for some of us, and it’s going to be a turbulent few years. We think we all need a bit of company and something strong to drink. Take a couple days to cry it out or celebrate, hide under the covers, hibernate, whatever. Then pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, and come eat a reuben made of corned effing Teddybear.

You deserve it.


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