A Journey to Randiwa

May, 2017



Summer has arrived! Right now as you read this, boxes being opened and summer dresses hung in closets purged of wooly winter clothing. Summer plans are being hatched, full of beach trips, island stays, and boat rides.

Did we mention boat rides? We’ve got one for you! For this month’s fabulous feast, you’re going to take a subway, a boat, and a van to the faraway Island that is Staten. We’re going for Sri Lankan food.

Picture this: First, gentle lapping waves, a cool breeze across the New York harbor, a sunset drenched free ferry ride with a view of the Statue of Liberty (it’s selfie-time!), and then a new land (yes, we know you’ve never been to Staten Island). Did you know that you can legally drink beer and wine on the ferry? Next, a short drive along the coast line in somebody’s cousin’s bus, past mansions with ocean and bridge views. And then: A feast! Roasted Baby Goats, string hoppers, Lamprey, Tripe – all the delicious Sri Lankan food you could possibly want. Our good friend Sanjay Handapangoda of Randiwa will put on a great culinary show for us.

Wait, did we mention shows? The BBC Travel Show will be there filming you Gastronauts, so best to wear some of those summer garbs you pulled out of the closet today! Let’s show them Brits that New York Gastronauts know how to feast in style.

So, get ready for a summer boat ride,, hit the RSVP, bring your friends, and let’s have some roasted goats and string hoppers.


1405 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314