A Korean Charoal in a Tent… in February

February, 2016

Photos courtesy of www.doug-peterson.com

Annyeong-hasimnikka Gastros!

This month we’re taking you to the middle of nowhere in Queens and to an street corner with an unremarkable name. You’ll have a hard time finding the Korean restaurant, and when you enter, you’ll probably think you’ve come to the wrong place.

But then you’ll be ushered through to the back, past the kitchen, down a hallway, and into a backyard. And then you’ll see it: A North Korean missile silo.

No, it’s just a tent. But, not just any tent. This tent houses the best charcoal grillers in Queens, and they’re preparing a feast for us: Amazing grilled squid, beef, chicken gizzards, and the best damn Korean BBQ you’ll ever have.

So put on your arctic explorer gear and get yourself out there. Maybe pack a flask. Bring someone to cozy up with for warmth. This will be a special dinner.


41-71 Bowne St
Flushing, New York