Advanced Cantonese At Congee Village

July, 2007


Ni Hao Gastronauts,

It is time for another gastronautical outing!

Now that we’re done eating our hamburgers medium rare and slapping neon-colored mustard onto our hot dogs in celebration of the homeland, it’s time to dig into other kinds of cuisines… perhaps a bit more elaborate: Cantonese Chinese.

While our gastronautical travels this month won’t take us far from home physically – we’re just heading to the Lower East Side – we promise that you will be transported in other ways. This month’s menu has multiple strange and unusual itmes: At least one dish we didn’t know was edible and another which the already colorful menu didn’t dare print in English. Well, if the waiter says it’s not for you, it is for you.

So friends, it’s time to leave the white bread and jello behind, and go hit the really scary stuff. Check out the menu below. (Spelling is original).


100 Allen Street
(212) 941-1818
Tuesday, July 10 2007

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