An Insect Dinner

January, 2008


Hello Gastros,

Happy New Year, kiddos! We’ve had tripe three ways to Sunday, crunched on baby chicken heads, cracked open lamb skulls, and often wondered out loud if we could possibly top our last meal. But, this upcoming evening, we’ve got no worries on that front, as we’ve dug up one of the holy grails of Gastronauticism. To put it simply, we’re going to be engaging in some hardcore entomophagy.

We’ll be gathering at the apartment of a gracious member, Stuart Blumberg, and cooking up a feast of insects. For the event, we’re bringing in David Gracer, an expert from the wilds of Providence, Rhode Island. He has a little company ( that specializes in the esoteric pleasures of eating bugs. He’s bringing a truckload of insects, just for us, that are extremely hard to find. We’ll be doing the cooking this time.

Anyway, this is going to be special. So, since someone’s bringing in “food” for us, and since we’re crashing Stuart’s apartment, we NEED RSVPs. We might even–like last month’s Whisk and Ladle dinner–have to cap the number of folks. So, get your rsvp in EARLY, and often.

And get ready for champagne and ant pupae…


Stu’s Place
West Village

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