An Insectual Dinner with Brooklyn Bugs

November, 2017

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Heya Gastros!

Oh, how far we have come from the days of our first events. Back in 2008, we piled into our friend Stu’s West Village apartment and — with the help of bug expert David “Land Shrimp” Grazer — cooked ourselves an impromptu bug dinner. While drinking, heavily. The dinner and the cooler full of bugs is immortalized in Stu’s screenplay for Thank You for Sharing. Check out the opening scene. (Curtiss has no recollection of Gwyneth making eyes at him, however.) We are now a bit older and far less cool, but hey now we have real chefs who know what they’re doing cooking us bugs!

For this dinner, we’ve teamed up with Brooklyn Bugs and Dinner Echo’s Joseph Yoon for a night of phenomenal food and esoteric entomophagy and insectual flavors. Just take a look at the menu.

10 courses. 10 insects. And as much as you can drink (so long as you BYOB).

Brooklyn Bugs

At the Brooklyn Kitchen