Asado at La Fusta

May, 2009

Hola ‘Nauts,

After last month’s 3rd anniversary seafood massacre, lamb at Dakar, pig at Trestle, and just straight up drinkin’ vinegar at Allison’s place, our carnivorous hearts have been craving something simple: good ol’ beef. But not just anything will do. So we’ve lined up an Argentinian asado at La Fusta, a charming family-run joint (that looks, from the outside, a cross between a cave and a prison…but no matter) where the chefs know their way around a steer and a grill. Believe us: it’s gonna be an artery-clogging entrail extravaganza. But don’t worry: it’s right across the street from the hospital, and we’ve usually got at least one doctor in attendance.

So, saddle up, gauchonauts, and join us in lovely Elmhurst. RSVP now: you won’t want to miss the braided knot of intestines. Bring cash with you, because once again, who knows where there’s an ATM.


Queens (Elmhurst) NY 11373
(718) 429-8222

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