Back to Pacificana for Drunken Shrimp

June, 2010

Ni hao, ‘Nauts:

Summer is here, official-style. Ok, well maybe not officially, but in spirit. And as the great Nat King Cole sung, it’s time to “roll out those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer…those days of duck tongue, and goose web, and beer.” A man after our own hearts, quite obviously. But how could he have forgotten that other summer treat we all think of on these hot, sweaty nights? We’re talking about live, drunken shrimp, of course.

Now please take a second and consider why this is the greatest dish ever invented. Note: this will require some math.[Live seafood = x, Alcohol = y, Time (15 seconds) = z, Twitching = a.] Ok, here we go: x + y + z (-a) = fuck yeah! Q.E.D. suckas.

Seriously, though: this dish is extremely hard to find and it’s probably illegal – except way out in the wilds of Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Moreover, there’s an exceptional restaurant out there, a palace of seafood and Cantonese cooking called Pacificana, and we’ve strong-armed them into going off the menu for us, and rounding up hundreds of the finest, freshest shrimp the Gowanus Canal can provide. Beyond the drunken shrimp, we’ve picked a hell of a menu for this early summer bash, so get your ass out to Pacificana next Tuesday. Oh, and speaking of asses: Memorial Day is behind us, ladies, so white jeans are perfectly acceptable. Let’s get a big crowd for this one.


813 55th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220-3212
(718) 871-2880

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