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April, 2011

Hey there, Nauts!

If you’ve been joining us for dinners for awhile now, you’ll know that we rarely do repeats. We gather no moss over here, but sometimes this rolling stone just wants what it wants, again. And this place is truly special. It’s small, it’s hard to get to, and no one in the city cooks what they do, or so well. We last went to Southern Spice in November 2009, and it blew our minds. The quality of the cooking, the delicacy of the flavors, Chef Sridhar’s graciousness — and the BYOB policy, of course — made the night into one to remember. Sridhar cooks Tamil cuisine, which is generally meat-free, but this is his joint for the wayward — nevermind that it’s just around the corner from the Ganesh Temple: he’s whipping up slow-cooked rabbit, unbelievable goat brains, and ginger-curried shark especially for us on a night when he’d otherwise be closed.

So, in the spirit of doing it again, we’re doing it again, and again. Since the joint only seats 35, we’re doing two nights, April 5th and 12th. And with the Tamil holidays of Panguni and Chithrai on the 1st and 14th, it’s obviously time for a party. (It’s a little confusing what these holidays are all about — something to do with the full moon and the gods Sundareswarar and Meenakshi — but we’ll just ask Sridhar to explain…)Whatever the case, don’t miss this one; don’t complain about the walk from the subway; and don’t forget to bring lots of booze (there’s a couple bodegas right nearby).

Tuesday, April 5th, 7:30pm and Tuesday April 12th, 7:30pm


14306 45th Avenue
NY 11355
(718) 359-3486 ‎

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