Ben and Curtiss Hunt Nutria for Dinner

December, 2010

Bon jou’, Nauts, and happy new year!

We’re kicking off January in grand style. We’ve got two dinners coming up, both of which will be amazing, but this first one is truly special. If you haven’t yet heard, we went hunting for nutria down in the bayou south of New Orleans back in mid-December, and we didn’t return empty handed. In fact, we emerged from the swamps with some blood and fur still on our hands, and with a cooler full of delicious, fresh R.O.U.S. meat — which we’re proud to say we killed, cleaned, gutted, and packed ourselves.

But we’ll leave the real storytelling for dinnertime, in person. Suffice to say that we’ve got a fantastic meal planned at our friend Jacques’ restaurant, Palo Santo. He being of the adventurous sort, he’s game to even let us into the kitchen to cook up a Cajun/Creole feast with him. One look at the menu below and you’ll see this is not to be missed. And besides the nutria, boudin noir, and other victuals, we’ve lined up beer pairings, sazeracs, and all sorts things to get you good and drunk.

And you needn’t worry about heading to work with a hangover the next morning, ’cause we’re doing it on a Saturday night. That’s right, boys and girls, get ready to hear some Zydeco, dance on the tables, and eat some very rare and (hopefully) very delicious swamp meat. So, dress up in your finest and make plans to stay out late after dinner — we’re going to continue carousing somewhere else. Oh, and RSVP with a trigger finger, ’cause this is a small dinner, and being a weekend and all, seats are gonna go fast as a coonhound in hot pursuit.


Palo Santo
New York, NY 11215-1103
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 636-6311

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