Brian’s Backyard Picnic

September, 2008

Dear GastroFriends,

Well, goddamn. Summer seems to have flown the coop in a hurry. It’s almost nipply out there, as Chevy Chase would say. But screw all that—we’re having our big end-of-summer G’nauts BBQ, food and booze courtesy of yours trulys. You might recall last year’s BBQ in Prospect Park: at which Curtiss cooked his balls off (actually, not his, other balls….) and at which the police made an impromptu and generally unwelcome showing. A slap on the wrist never hurt no one. So we’re doing it again and you’d be silly not to show up for Round II. There’ll be paper plates and napkins, cold beer and wine, and more kidneys, hearts and livers than a triage ward. Come prepared: BYO..bib. We’ll take care of the rest.


Somewhere in Carol Gardens

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