Bhutanese at Ema Datsi

May, 2016

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Kuzoozangpo La!!

This month we’re taking you to the top of the world, to the tiny, remote mountain Buddhist kingdom/bullshit parliamentary democracy of Bhutan — a land of monasteries, green cliffs, and hand-crank bucket elevators. Besides this clearly photoshopped movie set, this isolated Shangrila-La is best known for advancing the concept of “gross national happiness” — a metric of economic success that combines productivity, exports, and hugging.

Not for us, though. We’re more taken with the “gross.” And since this kind of food makes us very happy indeed, this month we’re all trekking up to Queensimalaya to a very much off-the-beaten path restaurant called Ema Datsi. As you can see from the menu below, they’re putting on a very special night for us — which, beyond the trotters and tongue, includes their eponymous signature dish. So strap on your hiking heels and clip yourself into the 7 train. Oh, and you might want to hire yourself a sherpa or two to carry the necessary provisions — dinner will be BYOB.


67-21 Woodside Avenue Queens