Canned Foods at Sample

April, 2007


Hola Gastros!

Spring is upon us and to celebrate the fresh air and budding trees we’re heading indoors, as far as possible from fresh and budding, to a Spanish-style conserva, where most everything comes straight from a can. That’s right: from live, squiggling octopus to cold, dead fish, meat and veggies, packed in tin and shipped halfway across the world for you to savor. Don’t worry, this stuff will change your notion of the canned foods aisle of the supermarket.

Another plus: this joint is right in the heart of Brooklyn’s Smith Street restaurant row, and, though it’s a small, little bar-type place, it’s easy to get to. So, we’ll see you there, this Tuesday at 8:30.




152 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

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