Chopped Liver at Sammy’s

May, 2008


Sholem aleykhem, ‘nauts:

We’ve been working overtime to find some fancy new dining spots for us this summer, scouting up in the South Bronx, where we were frisked and patted down before they showed us to our table. Charming place…really.

Inspired by that experience, we have another real winner for you this month: stunning decor, soothing music, elegant service–all the better to complement your chopped liver and unborn eggs (plucked from the innards of a hen at slaughter). That’s right, we’re going to Sammy’s Roumanian. If you’ve haven’t yet been here, it’s a bit meshugeneh, and proud of it.

There will be a chicken fat and pickles; there will be a jew-fro’d, balding lounge singer; there will be frozen bottles of vodka; there will be arterial sclerosis; there might be dancing. If you’ve been here before, you know it’s a good time and worth every last penny; if you haven’t, you definitely won’t want to miss this one. Come join us for a bit of what the Lower East Side used to be like.



157 Chrystie Street
(212) 673.0330
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