Fried Duck Bills at Autthares

July, 2016

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Ahhh, summer in New York! That feeling of freedom, of possibility, of having new experiences. Shakespeare in the Park, concerts on Governor’s Island, fireworks on a friend’s rooftop, that trip to Coney Island we best not talk about. But, you know what? Yawn — everybody who has ever lived in New York has done that. Seriously, yada, yada, yada.

How about doing something truly memorable this summer? Luckily, we’ve got that kind of a Gastronauts for you this month. Because, no one NEVER EVER forgets their first Thai fried duck bill.

Not only that, when you tell your astonished friends and co-workers about this dinner the next day, they will ALSO never forget what you said. Come Christmas party time, they’ll still be quoting you:

“I like my fried duck bills with a lot of Sriracha sauce.”

“I ordered extra salted eggs and tomatoes in my strawberry salad.”

“I brought some of this fermented sausage home for lunch.”

So yeah, we found this brand new delicious Thai joint in Queens which has all that and more. The food is spectacular, but beware, we’ve ordered the food spicy so come dressed to sweat and be sure to bring lots of beer for yourself (the place is BYOB).


71-28 Roosevelt Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372