Gastronauts Turns 10 with Elk at Egg

March, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Gastronauts!


This month our little club turns ten years old: We’ve aged a decade. Like a good whiskey we’ve become respectable, but we’re still what you reach for on your sloppier nights.

To celebrate we have something special for you in mind. Our good friends at EGG (and Parish Hall) are cooking up a freshly slaughtered Elk for us, direct from Mariah’s Elk Farm in Upstate New York.


10. It’s warmer now , so no need to dress like you’re outside hunting elk anymore.

9. It’s the only birthday party for a ten-year-old where you can drink!

8. Because if you suggest yet another night of Chinese takeout and binge watching House of Cards to her she will leave you and she will never come back.

7. You’re still kicking yourself for missing a piece of Rudolf the Reindeer the other month.

6. The L’pocalipse will soon return Williamsburg to the 70’s.

5. That dress you got on Gilt goes perfectly with Elk liver paté.

4. Elk can be carnivores, better eat them before they eat you.

3. Because your Netflix and Chill have been only that for months.

2. You are kicking yourself because you waited 10 years to move to New York, so why wait that long for a Gastronauts dinner?

And the number 1 reason why you need to come to this Gastronauts dinner:

1. You haven’t gotten any tongue in months, so Elk tongue sounds pretty damn good right now.

Check out the amazing menu Chef Evan Hanczor has come up with. Be sure to RSVP right away. This one will go fast: