Goat Brains at Mustang Thakali

September, 2011

Hey ‘Nauts,

In the spirit of Labor Day, we racked our brains for something appropriate: a late summer barbeque, a union hangout, the finest cuisine Detroit has to offer, a depression era soup kitchen? But none quite fit the bill. Then, out of nowhere, we found it: what better way to celebrate the working man than to indulge in a feast of perhaps the last Marxist-Leninist country on the planet. Nepal: the revolutionary Mountain Goat wedged between the Tiger and the Dragon.

In Nepal, it turns out, they have yaks but they don’t eat them. (It’s kinda like cows for Hindus.) But when it comes to goats, it’s an extravaganza. Forget nose-to-tail: we’ve got a beard-to-hoof off-the-menu dinner all lined up, at probably the finest Nepali joint in the city (well, out of what, three?). But seriously, this place is special: it’s focus is Thakali cuisine, a unique fare from the Thakali tribe, who “are known for their hospitality, good salesmanship, and cleanliness.” What more could you ask for?

Plus, there’ll be intestines and brains, tongue and ears, and of course, famous Himalayan pickles to wash it all down. On top of that, the good residents of Thakali do their own version of chow mein, which puts your corner Chinese to shame.


74-14 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, Queens 
Tuesday, September 12th, 7:30pm

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