Goat Brains at Southern Spice

November, 2009

Vanakkam ‘Nauts,

We’ve been remiss. Just about one-sixth the world’s population lives in India, and in almost four years of eating our way through this city, the closest we’ve come is Sri Lanka (by way of Staten Island). Well, sometimes patience pays off. We found a gem of a restaurant, owned by Sridhar, a friend of a friend, and we’re taking it over. It’s usually closed on Tuesdays, but he’s doing us a favor and cooking up some amazing dishes—from scrambled shark to goat brain. The food’s from Tamil Nadu which, as you worldly people already know, is in southwestern India where the spices are intense, the Chennai is cherrific, and the food is HOT. There’s a reason the restaurant’s called Southern Spice. It’s not your standard Curry Hill fare, and don’t even get us started with your favorite place in Jackson Heights. This place is so good that they built the GANESH TEMPLE right around the corner just to be close by (or so Sridhar says)…


143-06 45 Ave
(near Bowne Street)
Flushing, NY 11355

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