Guinea Pig at Urubamba

August, 2010

Hola Nauts!

Way back in the dark ages of our little club, in scouting for our second evening, in fact, we found ourselves scratching our heads, talking to the owner of an Ecuadorian joint in Brooklyn. “Guinea pig’s illegal,” she told us. Really? Maybe unappetizing, surely ugly, but illegal? Thankfully, we have resourceful friends…and that early dinner went swimmingly. But we’ve never gone back for furry seconds, until now.

After furious scouting, in all manner of rented vehicles (long story) and stopping at virtually every joint this side of the Andes, we’ve found our place: it’s Peruvian, it’s damn good, and they serve a mean cuy. But that’s not all. The owner is closing his restaurant down for us, tossing aside the menus, and getting busy with some serious cooking. We’re talking black conch ceviche, octopus with olives, and homemade chicha (that’s fermented corn booze) that puts a Pisco sour to shame. It’s enough to make you want bust out your pan flute.

So here’s the plan: you show up, we eat mountain gophers and beef hearts, drink gallons of fizzy cornshine, everyone goes home happy. Oh, and don’t wear anything under your poncho.



86-20 37th Ave
Jackson Heights,
Queens, NY 11372