Head Cheese at St. Anselm

September, 2010

Howdy Nauts!

Remember when you were a kid and you built forts with pillows, or climbed to your treehouse in the yard, or posted “Members Only” on your bedroom door? Yes, of course, you say. You kind of miss it, but you’re waaaay too grown up for that now.

Yeah, right. You may not make it up the treehouse ladder in your fancy high heels, but come on! Every damn club needs a damn club house, and we’ve decided that it’s high time Gastronauts had one, at least informally. But where to go? Definitely not at the Union Club. Or the Century. They’re grand alright, but have you ever eaten the food there? It’s fucking terrible.

St. Anselm, on the other hand, is more our kind of place. It’s a little hideaway owned by the good folks who started that mmm mmm mmmeat Mecca “Fette Sau” and the amazing beer hall Spuyten Duyvil right next door. They’re big fans of the ‘Nauts — so much so that they have a whole section of their menu devoted to the “Ghastro Bits,” with everything from Butcher’s Faggots to Foie Gras Pierogies to Marrow Poppers. This place will be perfect for us.

So, for September’s dinner, we’re taking over. The chef, Al Bacchiochi, is creating a special menu for us to to house-warm the restaurant. We’re hoping to make it into our informal clubhouse for late-night afterparties and little gatherings, and once they get to know the size of our appetites, we will chat with them to try and get discounted Ghastro Bits for us Gastronauts. It’s high time to raise the flag on our own little empire. So come out and celebrate the last days of summer



355 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-5054

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