Indonesian Cow Skin at Awang

September, 2017

Matur Suwun Gastros!

Just admit it. You really know next to nothing about Indonesia. Sure, you might dimly recall that there’s a Goop Goddess Yoga retreat in Bali somewhere, and Kimono Dragons run free (at 20 miles an hour.) You may even be able to find it on a map. But, for instance: Which one of these is the Indonesian flag, and which are those of Monaco and Poland?


Never mind that, you may think. All I care about is how is the food? The answer is it’s phenomenal.

So, this month we’re taking you to a tiny speck of an Indonesian island in the middle of Elmhurst called Awang. Our guides through the nasty bits of East Indies cuisine are chef Siliwanga and his patient waiters and they helped us assemble a truly Gastro-Worthy menu of the nastiest little Indonesian bits around. You’re not eating Chicken Satay here. We’re talking cow skin (and we swear to god you’re going to ask for some to go). There’ll be brains, tongue, and a goat.

So, dust off your Songkoks and Sarongs, and your Kebaya’s and get ready for some Marco Polo style culinary island hopping.

(Btw, the flags are Monaco, Indonesia, and Poland, from left to right)


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