“Live” Baby Octopus at East Seafood

March, 2010

Hey ‘Nauts

Wow, time has flown. This month’s outing marks the fourth year of our little club, and as most of you folks know, the first Tuesday of March is our greatest hits night. We know it’s impossible for all of you to make it to every outing, so in past years we’ve asked you all to pick a place you may have missed out on, or somewhere you’d just like to head back to for a little more weirdness. And, every stinkin’ year, you pick the aquatic massacre of the live octopi that is Su San Seafood. So, in expectation of this (rigged) vote, we called to make sure they weren’t out of fresh sea squirts, snails, octopizzles, abalone. No answer. We tried again. No answer. Apparently our annual largess wasn’t quite enough to keep them in business: they’ve closed.

(A moment of silence, please.)

But, no octopus is safe when we’re on the case. We did some digging and driving around Flushing and found a pretty amazing substitute for our beloved Su San. The place, East Seafood Restaurant, may have the ring of an impressive establishment, but it’s more like a large basement with tanks, some tables, and boozed-up Koreans gnawing on tentacles. Perfect.

You know the drill: live octopus, live lobster, all manner of unmentionable seafood, a feast of panchan, and of course, plentiful amounts of Bud Weiser, Koo Lai, Hite, and sochu. So, come celebrate four years with us, get back in touch with your killer instinct, play tonsil hockey with a tentacle or two, and let’s blow this new place out


1150-60 Northern Blvd
Queens, NY 11354
(718) 460-1044

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