Live Octopus and Lobster at Sik Gaek

September, 2017

Anyong Nauts,

Come celebrate the end of the world with us!

Before North Korea’s K.J. ‘Rocketman’ #Un gets drunk with Dennis Rodman and presses one too many buttons, we’re heading out to our favorite Korean joint in Woodside for one last party. Join us at Sik Gaek for an aquatic mother-of-all-feasts of live octopi, live lobsters, sea cucumbers, sea squirts, welks, abalone, and more. There’ll be soju, beef intestines, chicken feet, and bottles upon bottles of Korean beer.

So slip into on your finest party dress, your favorite party jacket, and bring your end-of-the-world mate. Get ready to toast the last sunset and the first mushroom cloud in the west with some Ba-Da-Wai-Sa, loud and mindless Korean pop music, and squirming tentacles.


49-11 Roosevelt Avenue