Mama’s Love at Plant Love House

October, 2015

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Sawadee Nauts!

We’re not sure how many years it’s been since the summer of love, but man — with The Donald unleashed, kids getting thrown in jail for making clocks, and the Mets on the verge of the inevitable, crushing meltdown — it sure feels like goodwill unto men and women is in short supply these waning warm days. Never fear, Nauts, because we’ve found just the place to bring a little love back into your lives.

Out in Elmhurst, there’s Plant Love House — a tiny, little, mom & daughters flower shop. (Wait, did we say flower shop? Sorry, we meant restaurant.) What we meant was: Plant Love House, a tiny, little, mom & daughters restaurant that’s all about vegetarian erotica. (Sorry, that’s also not entirely accurate, either.)

OK, for real this time: Plant Love House, a tiny, little, mom & daughters restaurant that serves some of the best Thai food we’ve had in years — including a scalding soup of fresh pork blood; a version of som tam with homemade northern sausage, chicken wings, preserved egg, and raw crab; and a dessert in which ice cream, served atop some unholy combination of Texas toast and brioche, has raw egg yolk poured straight into it, then frozen. It’s not exactly street food classics, but it’s what the kids are eating in Bangkok these days…

If you need more encouragement, there’s a couple off-menu items they’re cooking up just for us. Oh, and it’s BYOB, and you know we love that.

So, join us for a central Thai street food plant love feast out in central Queens — and feel that love take root back in your pork-blood hearts.

Plant Love House


86-08 Whitney Ave Queens, NY 11373