Moldovan Magic at Boon

September, 2016


What can you say about Moldova that hasn’t already been said? Or at least been turned into a music video? ?

Except, of course the words: “I don’t need to google Moldova right now, because I already know where it is.” But, close that browser window open to Wikipedia. Allow us to give you a little song and dance about Moldova.

The lovely people of Moldova are a cheerfully dancing folk living in sort-of Romania, kind-of Ukraine, some-times called Bessarabia.
Theirs is a landlocked country (ironically with a great number of off-shore accounts) with a lyrical agrarian temperament, that can still keep up with a more modern tempo.

And who doesn’t love Moldova’s national motto: “Things are bound to get better eventually. Meanwhile, we eat!”

We’ve lined up some favorite Moldovan (Moldoffal?) dishes for you to try: Tripe, tongue, and rabbit with mamaliga (their version of polenta). And trust us, their food is as excellent as their longstanding tradition of musicians singing while frolicking in fields.

Boon Moldovan Restaurant

4345 40th Street
Sunnyside, Queens