Nigerian Giant Snails and Goat at Buka

October, 2012

Malaho Nauts,

In this political silly season, we find ourselves looking for a candidate we can trust, a candidate who understands the real issues — a man doesn’t wilt when it gets hot in the kitchen, a man that knows how to dish it out, and most importantly, a man true to his (fake birth certificate) roots. That’s why we’ve decided to honor our current president with the first of our two 2012 campaign dinners with a trip home, to where Obama was born — Nigeria. (We have this on good authority, mind you. And we’re still hoping that our dinner will subsidized by The Donald.)

Either way, don’t worry: our November feast will honor Mitt’s country of origin — Mexico.

But this month, it’s-a-the-spicy-meatball — or as they say in Nigeria, Isiewu, the incendiary goat head stew. Seriously, this son of bitch is so hot that Joe Biden starts sweating through his wife beater whenever he thinks about it. (It’s probably a sense memory thing from that time he took a tour of the White House organic garden from Michele and grabbed a handful of Scotch Bonnet peppers and put them down his pants on a dare from the Secret Service.) But we digress…

The truth of the matter is that this place in Clinton Hill is the best Nigerian this side of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Zing!

Ok, enough. Sorry. We’re still just a little punch drunk from all the debate last night. And from the palm wine. So, come on and join us for some Nigerian giant snails, cow feet, and fufu!



946 Fulton Street
Brooklyn NY 
(between St James & Cambridge Pl)