Parish Hall for the ‘Nauts 6th Anniversary

March, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary ‘Nauts!

Well, folks, it’s March again — and besides the madness, lovely weather, daylight savings time, and (how can we forget) spring dresses — that also means it’s Gastronauts Anniversary time. Can you believe it’s been 6 years and more than 80 dinners? So, quickly, thanks to all of you lovely people for joining us each month and making this so much fun to put together.

Now, many of you regulars know that each year we like to do a best-of in March — a catch-up session, if you will — where we head back to our favorite spot of the past year for another blowout dinner. But this year, we’ve got something so special, so unique that we could couldn’t pass it up. Interested?

Does the pope wear a funny hat? Does a bear…well. You know. In the woods?

Funny thing about that — cause that’s exactly what we’re going to be eating. No, not pope, dummies. And not that other thing either. We’ve got bear! And that’s not all — fresh from the rice paddies of upstate New York, we also have that other local favorite — water buffalo. And, we hear a drop of buffalo milk goes great with Kopi Luwak, so there’ll be some bucket-list-style civet coffee that some friends of ours import. Drink up.

The place that’s cooking up one hell of an anniversary fest for us is brand spanking new — hasn’t even opened yet — called Parish Hall. It’s a new farm-to-table venue by our good friends from Egg, also a great restaurant in Billyburg. If you don’t know these guys, you should: Egg and now Parish Hall chef Evan Hanczor is a superb locavore master; and thoughtful owner George Weld keeps a pair of muddy boots at his Goatfell Farm, where most of the produce will come from.

So, join us, won’t you for our 6th anniversary bash? Wear something short and sparkly, and we’ll do the rest.

Parish Hall

109 A North 3rd Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

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