Pig Feet at Hakata Tonton

February, 2008


By now, we’re pretty savvy about finding places that are off the beaten track, but for this upcoming evening, we were beaten to the punch by that quirky, underground rag called the NY Times. Seems there’s a place, they say, in the West Village that’s a tiny temple to trotters. We figured that after the write-up it would be mobbed, but trust us, this place is too bizarre for most. Just wait ‘til you find a toe nail on your plate. The food’s pretty good, though, we gotta say, and it’s cute in a weirdo Japanese way. (By which we mean they have free pantyhose and high-tech dental floss in the bathrooms, and they give you Pez and present you with an envelope bearing a quarter when you leave.) Did we mention that virtually everything on the menu—including the spaghetti carbonara—is cooked with pigs feet?


61 Grove Street
(between Bleecker St. & 7th Ave S)
(212) 242-3699

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