Pig Heads at Roberta’s

September, 2009


So here’s the story for Roberta’s on Tuesday. After some negotiations with the chef and manager, we have managed to open it up to as many people as possible.

This is what we’ve got in store: we’ll be sitting at rough-hewn picnic tables beneath the romantic glow of cheap x-mas lights, but with nice place settings and with charming waitstaff taking care of your every whim. At this point, however, your only whim should be drinking, because we’ve arranged a two-hour all-you-can-drink wine and draft beer bonanza. It will get silly.

Our aforementioned waitstaff, though already tired from the Herculean effort of keeping you clowns sated with alcohol, will parade out a crudo of fluke, sea urchin, and fennel pollen, followed by several salads of virgin and tender lettuces, sadly cut down before their primes and bedecked with tongue, guanciale, and all manner of tasty head meats. By this point you should already be tipsy.

An array of lamb’s brains (brown butter, capers, and some other interesting accouterments but we forget) will be next, and then we’ll pause while the pizza chefs do their worst. If you haven’t ever had the pizza at Roberta’s, it’s no joke. Top level ingredients, wood burning oven, etc. But this information will be irrelevant, because by this time, you will most certainly be drunk.

Then comes family-style tripa a la romagna, which is, we’re told, unreal. Finally, then come whole, poached, then roasted, pigs heads. At this point, someone will likely be attempting to dance on the table. (Hopefully not Jesse.)

So, you see, we’ll probably be talking about this one for some years to come. It’s going to be a tiny touch on the pricey side, but not nearly as much as it should be–given that they’re producing an entirely off-the-menu meal and allowing us to suck dry the wine and draft beer selection over a couple hours. So, buck up, look sharp, put on a short dress, and dry-clean your tighty-whiteys–this is our end of summer bash and it’s going to be a good one.


261 Moore Street, 
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 417-1118

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