Sri Lankan Goat at Staten Island’s San Rasa

June, 2012

Ayubowan Gastronauts,

It’s now full-on summer and our thoughts have turned to the beach, to open water and gently lapping waves, to the sweet smell of diesel fumes and curry powder.

It’s the season for a sail (or at least a cruise) and for long walks through the (paved) hills. Yes, after much nagging and many, many requests, it’s time again for one of our favorite meals and without a doubt one of the best Gastronaut evenings ever. So put on your boat shoes and get ready for some B, ’cause we’re taking a booze cruise.

That’s right, we’re headed to Staten Island for a sumptuous Sri Lankan feast from the masterful Sanjay Handapangoda. If you managed to cram yourself into his tiny dining room with us three years ago, you’ll remember the whole baby goat, the string hoppers, the ox tongue, and the overall quality of this exceptional meal. It’s truly not to be missed.

Plus, what could be better than jumping on the Staten Island ferry — where the view is majestic and the beers are cheap — with 45 of your closest friends. So, here’s the deal: on Wednesday, we’ll all meet up at the Whitehall Terminal down at the southern tip of Manhattan at 6:45pm and jump on the 7:00 pm ferry to Staten Island. Look for your friendly tour guide, Curtiss. If you miss the party boat, though, no worries — they leave every 20 minutes or so. Once safely back on dry land, we’ll hike on over (about a mile … so, make sure you stay well hydrated) to San Rasa.

From then on, we’ll give ourselves over to Sanjay for a good couple of hours as he works his way through 11 courses, before doing it all again backwards. It’s the perfect start to summer. We’ll see you there.

All the best, 

Ben and Curtiss


226 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY
(718) 420-0027