Stinky Cheeses and Wine at Bedford Cheese Shop

November, 2015

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This month, we’re taking you to Chuck E. Cheese! Well, in a manner of speaking. It’s more like a wine and cheese party — without the polite conversation, the brie or chardonnay. Instead, we’ve asked the brilliant folks at Bedford Cheese Shop to find us the stinkiest, most barn-yardy, gym-socky, crystal-methy cheese they’ve got lingering in their dank Village caves. We’re talking cow lumps from Lombardy, goat pudding from Biarritz, and sheep bile from Shhhotland. Or something like that. And then, we’ve asked our favorite sommelier, Doreen Winkler of Diamond Sommelier Services, to pair these ridiculously funky moldcakes with some delicious grape juice. When it’s all said and done, don’t blame us if you’re snorting lines of quince paste and mostarda.

This ain’t going to be your average cheese course, people. It’s going to be, like, better than that.

Bedford Cheese Shop

The Homstead Room in the back
67 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003


RESTAURANT: Bedford Cheese Shop