Stinky Cheese and Wine at Bedford Cheese Shop

June, 2017


Heya Gastros!

What do the following words have in common?

Flinty. Dank. Lush. Sexy. Lactation. Ménage a Trois.
Ripe & Salty. Murky. Aged.

No, they aren’t all the great words in Trump’s leaked Russia travel diary… They’re the terms we’ve been throwing around to describe what you’ll be putting in your mouth this month. Still not sure what we’re up to?

Cheese! This month, we’re doing a take on that old favorite after work event: The Wine and Cheese Party. We’re doing it our way obviously. We’ve asked Bedford Cheese to assemble five of the stinkiest, loudest, most foul-mouthed cheeses we’ve and put together an evening of molten moldy stinky bites that will give your mouth Tourette’s syndrome. You know, the kinds of cheeses they don’t allow on airplanes.

Not only that, we asked our stupendous sommelier, Doreen Winkler of Diamond Sommelier Services, to pair the little mold mounds with 5 little somethings liquid (and it won’t be just wine.)

You should probably dress in elegant after-work attire to make up for all foul language. So join us at Bedford Cheese in Manhattan on Irving Place, because the place is tiny.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a breath mint if you have plans later.

Bedford Cheese Shop

67 Irving Place,
New York, NY 10003