Stinky Tofu in Elmhurst

April, 2016

Happy Springtime!!

It should surprise no one that the Gastronauts have eaten some preeeeeetty gross things. I mean, one look at of those Nutria (don’t look) we hunted down in the Louisiana bayou will make you think twice about your choice of water rodent for dinner. This snapshot of a bull’s penis (NSFW) ready for roasting will help you reconsider attending one of our upcoming Gastronauts (stay tuned!).

But if you want to sample the dish that really makes Curtiss (just Curtiss, not Ben) head for the nearest exit , then our next dinner is for you: Stinky Fermented Tofu from Taiwan. And, we’re having it two ways, no less.

So how different are people’s opinions on the Stinky Tofu controversy? Well, here is a small sample of Amie Lin and Curtiss’ opinions on the dish:

She: It’s delicious.
He: The stench alone makes whatever taste it has irredeemable.

She: No, it smells like heaven.
He: Yes, to high heaven.

She: Oh come on, it’s not that bad.
He: Oh, it is. It smells like you’re trapped in the stinkiest of NYC taxicabs in mid-August during a heatwave and both the window buttons and the AC don’t work. And you’re going from Harlem to JFK.

She: It’s like mother’s hug.
He: It’s more like great-grandfather’s bad breath.

She: But this is the best Stinky Tofu in Queens.
He: …

You get the idea. But, the good news for Curtiss — and everyone else — is there will be lots of amazing other dishes, like lamb tripe, oyster pancakes, duck tongues, and more. And there will be plenty of Taiwanese beer with which to wash it down. You’ll probably forget all about the stinky tofu by the end of the night.

TAIWANESE Specialties

84-02 Broadway
Elmhurst, Queens