Su San Live Seafood — Again!

April, 2009

Anyong ‘Nauts,

I guess we need to face the fact that no matter how many times you’ve been to Susan Seafood (and yes, this will be our third visit) it never gets old. If you somehow haven’t yet been, you won’t want to miss out. First, it’s hard as hell to find (though surprisingly easy to get to) so you’re probably not going to go on your own. Second, no one speaks English there, so forget about making a reservation or asking for directions. Third, our secret contact has special ordered the live octopus, flown in from the contested waters off of the Korean DMZ. And fourth, there’s just no way to appreciate the ridiculous aquatic massacre unless you’re in the company of 40 of your closest friends.

So RSVP right now and let’s get a big crowd. You know the drill: bizarre sea creatures plucked right from the tanks, soju by the bucket, Koo Lai (of course), and slimy, writhing octopus tentacles attaching themselves to your esophagus as you try to swallow.
Really, what could be better?


40-30 149th Place
Flushing, Queens NY
(This restaurant is closed)

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