Tasting with the Miracle Fruit

January, 2009

Dear Gastronauts:

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.

But if you’re a Gastronaut you say the hell with that. You go and get yourself a little red berry called Miracle Fruit that makes the sourest lemon taste as sweet as suggah. Then you get your friends together and throw a party with plenty of lemons. In fact, you’re so fired up, you add sour grapes, vinegar, limes, grapefruit, tabasco, goat cheese, and other such things to the list.

So, Gnauts that’s what we’re doing on Tuesday, January 13th. And Allison Anderson has graciously agreed to host this soiree at her lovely apartment in Brooklyn.

The details: This ain’t going to be a meal: just berries, things like vinegar and lemons, and lots of beer.


Allison’s Apartment