Tete de Mouton At Bate

July, 2008


Chao G’nauts,

We’ve been derelict in our duty. We realized that we’ve totally neglected the dark continent. The only African restaurant we’ve been to was the Nigerian New Combination almost 2 years ago. (The few that made the trip out to Crown Heights will no doubt recall the sweltering heat, the bat snails, and the thick cuts of fatty cow skin.) It’s not for want of trying: though we’ve looked around, somehow even the most far-flung African joints don’t seem that Gastronautical.

But this place–Baté–will do just fine. We came across this place on the night it opened, and though Curtiss and I looked seriously out of place among the dapper men and regal women in their Senegalese and Malian best, they welcomed us in and thrust big plates of food in front of us. It was good. You will like it. You will join us in the Bronx on July 15th. You are not afraid of the projects.


860 Melrose Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 401.2283