Thai Pork Blood Soup on a Bitter Cold Winter Night

February, 2015

สวัสดี เพื่อน,

Had enough of winter yet? Well, we haven’t. And don’t worry, because we’re going to warm you right up, courtesy of friend Joe diStefano at Chopsticks and Marrow.

We’re taking you to Pata Paplean, a dive of a find of a Thai lounge deep in the center of Queens, the kind of place where young folks and old thai ladies look up at you from slurping soup as you shuffle in from the frigid outside world. Perhaps because you look out of place, but most likely because they just want you to close the door.

The kind of place where two sisters cook phenomenal noodle soup. They make it on a hot plate behind the bar because… who knows. Maybe thats where all the outlets are. Damned if we know. There is lots that is difficult to understand about this gem of a place. Not a piece of silverware or bowl match. The toilet doubles as a disco. But the soup is steaming hot, and the food is oh so good.

This won’t be a fancy affair, you’ll have to eat on couches, chairs, maybe even ladle your own bowls, who knows. We really aren’t in control of this dinner. But these energetic Thai sisters know how to cook, and they’ve got the Thai Sunday crowd to prove it. But just for us, they’re making a special dinner. On a hot plate, behind the bar, of course


76-21 Woodside Ave, 
Elmhurst, Queens