The Gastronauts Bring Yak Meat to Queens

June, 2009

Tashi dele, ‘Nauts.

High up on the vast, windswept plateau of Roosevelt Avenue, there resides a mythic beast known only to the few brave and hardy enough to make the journey. A beast so fearsome, so hairy, and so tasty that it is rightly called the “king of the bovines.” Yes, we found yak. (We’re still working on getting Yeti meat, but don’t hold your breath.)

Seriously, though, you gotta hear this story: there’s a restaurant up in Jackson Heights called Tibetan Yak that we’ve been wanting to hit up for a while. But when we called them, they said, “Oh, sorry, we don’t have yak, we have other meat, like beef…blah blah blah…we would have to order it from Nepal, but we cannot…blah blah blah…something about health code standards.” What a bunch of wussies. Can you believe the gall, calling yourself Tibetan Yak and not serving yak?!

So what did we do? We found some damn yak meat ourselves, and we’re going to bring it to them and the fricking Dalai Lama himself is going to cook it up for us. (Ok, scratch the last part, but we’re serious about the rest.)
Anyway, you’d be a fool to miss this—especially since we’ve got a side of juicy yak coming special delivery. And Jackson Heights is considerably easier to get to than Lhasa.

Himalayan Yak

7220 Roosevelt Avenue 
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
(718) 779-1119

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RESTAURANT: Himalayan Yak