The Gastronauts Go Off-Road with Food Trucks

July, 2011

Why on earth would three of the best food trucks in the city set up shop on a dimly-lit side street, next to an abandoned lot, somewhere in south Williamsburg?

Seriously, good question.

Well, as you may recall, last month our dinner of Beaver Tails at Palo Santo was held [with the supervision of]  during an inspection by the Department of Health. This month we intrepid diners were up to something entirely different: A dinner with Food trucks.

This month we assembled three of the city’s best food trucks, KorillaBBQ (Korean tacos), Bian Dang (Taiwanese), and a Mexican Taco Stand inside The Woods, and persuaded them abandon their regular menu and prepare something suitable for their adventurous palate. The KorillaBBQ added Golbengi (Salad with Baitop Sea Snails) and Chicken Gizzard Skewers to the evening’s menu (This involved some translation problems — see below). After consulting their grandfathers for old Taiwanese recipes, the Bian Dang truck countered by adding Pigs Blood and Chives Stir Fry and a Century Egg and Silken Tofu to their lineup. The Mexican Taco stand prepared a special Tongue Taco just for the Gastronauts.

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: “I do love me some food truck grub, but, damn it, in this heat I need an ice cold beer with those Porkinator Tacos! And that isn’t going to happen on a sidewalk, now is it?”

So wrong. The problem was easily solved: Park the trucks outside a bar. Duh!

And so, this Tuesday night two food trucks rolled up and parked on a out-of-the-way side street beneath the looming Williamsburg bridge in front of a bar called The Woods, and were instantly mobbed by hungry (and already slightly tipsy) Gastronauts. The drill was simple: Get wrist band, go outside, get food, go back inside, eat food, drink beer; repeat. And eat they did, emptying at least one of the trucks of its contents. The Taco Stand inside the Woods was equally challenged by the numbers, eventually running out of TongueTacos.

And, just as the we all completed a full tour of the trucks contemplated crossing the street for a second run, the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck pulled up and started handing out cups of ice cream. And, you know, nothing follows a plate of Pigs Blood like a lovely scoop of Palm Sugar Ice Cream…

Fun, fun night. Below is the invite and menu to the event:


Hey ‘Nauts,

Can we talk seriously for a second? We’re worried about you. We’ve been doing dinners for more than five years now, and we’ve come to the realization that all that sitting around eating sea snails and pork chops, gizzards and congealed blood, and drinking so copiously, just can’t be good for you. I mean, we’re not saying that you’re getting fat or anything, but all this sitting around and eating can’t be good for the digestion, or so we figured. So we consulted some “doctors” — who confirmed our suspicions and proscribed a little walking around outside — while eating sea snails and pork chops, gizzards and congealed blood, and of course drinking copiously.

That’s right, folks, we don’t need no stinkin’ chairs or tables. Not when we’re throwin’ an old-school street party/doctor-proscribed diet. So here’s how it’s going to work, in 12 easy steps: 1) you show up at the semi-secret location, 2) you realize there are three of the best food trucks in the city outside waiting for your pretty face to arrive, 3) you remark to yourself how convenient it is that food trucks have parked outside a bar, called the Woods, 4) you smell with your eyes that these food trucks are cooking up some serious, off-the-menu, off-the-hook food just for us and no one else, 5) someone mentions to you: “Hey isn’t it cool that this dinner allows you to walk into said bar and drink as much beer as you like!” 6) you think to yourself “Oh my god, these Korean Porkinator tacos and Gizzard skewers are unreal, and man that Taiwanese black century egg in the cold silken tofu is refreshing on this hot, sultry summer night,” 7) boom box starts bumping, Curtiss popping and locking, 8) someone drops their beer on the ground and jokes “just pouring it out for my homies” — not funny, dude, 9) gangs are formed, eternal pledges made, 10) yelling, fronting, backing down, hugs 11) someone gets pregnant in the alley, 12) West Side Story, everyone sings final number together. And then, as you realize you’ve over-stuffed yourself with pigs blood and didn’t make the final high note, the best damn ice cream truck in the city rolls up and serves you scoops of red currant and ginger ice cream. END SCENE.

And that’s pretty much how it’s going to go down. So bring your ghetto blaster and a switchblade comb, look tight and be ready for anything. This one’s going to be so good we won’t need an afterparty. It’s outdoors, the food will be kicking, the beer will flow directly from the taps into your pretty little mouths, and ain’t no health inspector gonna dare to show his ponytail around us this time!


48 South 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 782-4955
Tuesday, July 12th, 8pm

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