The ‘Nauts at Palo Santo

October, 2010

Howdy Nauts!

For this month’s outing, we’re going to explore the little-known corner of Brooklyn known as Park Slope.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: Park Slope? Are you f***ing serious? Could there really be Gastronautical fare among the stroller-joggers and co-op crossing guards of that bastion of gentrifortification?

By now, you all know we’re up for any and all adventures. We’ve found hidden gems in all five boroughs, hunted down yak meat in Colorado, brought in guest chefs from other states, and unearthed secret stashes of guinea pigs peddled by Peruvian gangsters. (On that note, we’ve got a very illicit dinner in the works that may or may not involve serious cross-border smuggling…so stay tuned.)

So, yes. There’s gastrodeliciousness in Park Slope. But you’ve got to know where to look. And thanks to furious research (read: eating), we’ve found a restaurant and a chef worth the trip. Not that the trip is that far, mind you. But should you stumble upon this place looking for a good dinner after sending your Brazilian au pair home for the night, you’ll never find the food we’ve got in store for Tuesday’s feast. This is custom-tailored, Savile Row kinda stuff, even if it is in Park Slope.

Maybe we should mention that the chef, Jacques, grows his own vegetables and spices on the roof atop the restaurant? Maybe we should mention that he raises rabbits and chickens in the back? (OK, please don’t tell anyone at the NY Department of Health and Sanitation.) Maybe we should mention that he lives above the restaurant and his apartment doesn’t even have a kitchen? (Which means that Jacques’s always in his restaurant.)Fine, we won’t mention any of this. Instead, let’s just say that Jacques has an exceptional palate born of his half-Haitian heritage and travels throughout the Caribbean and South America. But this ain’t some watered down, fancy-pants fusion cuisine abomination: Jacques’s so fired up to cook for the ‘Nauts that he’s been courting us for months. And one look at the menu we’ve whipped up with him for Tuesday’s dinner should make that abundantly clear.



652 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1103
(718) 636-6311