The ‘Nauts go Hong Kong Style at XO Kitchen

October, 2006


After last month’s extravaganza, eating live octopus and sundry from the cool waters off the Korean peninsula in the wilds of suburban Queens, we’re keeping it a little closer to home this time around. Yes, we’re staying in Manhattan, and though we are going Hong Kong-style on this one, the signature dish for this one — the Pigeon — is well known to all of us–in fact, it might even be a New Yorker. And, though, it’s supposedly good luck when it poops on you, in this case revenge is a dish best served roasted. As always, there’ll be lots of other great eats, and plenty of Tsingtao to wash it all down with.

XO Kitchen

148 Hester Street
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

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