Uzbek Food at Cheburechnaya

April, 2008


Yakhshimisiz Gastronauts!

It’s time for another adventure into the culinary offerings of the city.This month we return to Queensistan for some post-Soviet Uzbek/Bukharian fare. Cheburechnaya (yes, it’s a mouthful – try saying the name after a few drinks) has been on our list of places to visit for a while now. On this trip, we’ll sit down for some Aral Sea Herring, some delicious kebabs of Steppen-Lamb Testicles and Fat, and Veal Sweetbreads. We’ll wash it all down with copious amounts of cheap Baltika beer, all served with that famous post-Soviet half-smile.



92-09 63rd Drive
Queens, NY 
(718) 897-9080

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