Vietnamese at Pho Cho Lon

June, 2008


Chao G’nauts,

Welcome to summer.

Wow, it’s like Saigon out there: sticky, hot, and socialist. In that spirit, we’ve gone in search of some of the best Vietnamese food around. Now, if you’re one a them people who say that Vietnamese food in this city stinks, we’d generally agree with you. It’s too sweet, too watered down, and too Chinese…but whaddya gonna do, eh?

But way out in the wilds of Brooklyn’s own Chinatown (where we massacred an ocean of live drunken shrimp not too long ago) there’s a damn fine place with some pretty authentic cooking. And as much fresh eel and frog as you can stuff down your gullets. So, jump on the N train and join us for a taste of Indochina–the a/c there is kicking.




5604 8th Ave. and 56th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 492-1592

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